Team in MGM, Ltd. Považská Bystrica has constucted many buildings, made many reconstructions a repairations during the years of its operation. It is ready to fullfil requirements of quality, quickness and complexity of construction and reconstruction works
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The results of construction works and constructing objects for Správcovská spoločnosť Bratislava, Record Trnava, Matador Púchov, Colné riaditežstvo SR, Úrad predsedníctva, SAV Bratislava, Continental Púchov, RESS Senica, kúpele Nimnica, Pov. strojárne Pov., Bystrica, Sauer Pov. Bystrica, SONY Trnava, T-GUM Púchov and others are the proof of the proper entrepreneurial aim and pernament care about professional improvement and stabilization of workers, and using new technologies and required mechanization.
The staff of MGM, Ltd. Považská Bystrica has made many buildings, made many reconstructions from the easiest ones to the complex objects. These construction were related to the areas of industrial, public, recreational, sacral, petrol stations, family houses, historical buildings, warehousea, steel structures, roof repairing and other constructions. MGM company is looking forward to fulfil requirements of quality, quickness, complexity of the construction and reconstruction works.